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The paradigm is shifting quickly and the time is NOW.

We are seeking to consciously participate in our own evolution. Learning, healing, expanding and evolving humanity to a more aware, aligned and activated existence. 

What is a Community Collective?

A community of people gathering with purpose and intention to deepen their relationship with themselves, one another, Mother Earth and the totality of life.


We Create Longevity Together 

We consciously participate in the creation of our
collective transformation

  A conscious community aims to grow energetic awareness of its intentions, initiatives and impact. Observing the world through a lens of unified vibrations, we can begin to understand our existence with greater depth and evolve our people to a higher frequency of being. 

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Activate conscious self-awareness to intentionally create sustainable, high frequency communities


We are evolving culture consciously with the power of community.

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Greetings Sweet Souls,

Meet Cait Rainey

Cait is a contemporary alchemist, who is learning to become a community coherence expert. Captivated by human potential and consciousness expansion, she works in the field of energy awareness and intuition enhancement. After awakening to her own profound self healing capabilities, she became a Longevity Health Coach, focusing on Quantum Existence and Spiritual Integration. Cait shares light and wisdom through her Bio-individual approach to Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Sound Healing, Food Medicine, Sacred Ceremony, Energy Healing and Spiritual Mentorship.

She started Conscious Nona to gather like minds, start conscious conversations, seek grassroots solutions, and create more high vibrational healing environments. Collective Communities are rising everywhere to empower radical human evolution for a more harmonized future.

After integrating years of travel, and hosting retreats, and harmonizing with communities around the world, her hope is to be an ambassador of love, authenticity and transformation. 

"We are conscious of so much more than ever before. It is how we BE and what we DO with what we KNOW that is fundamental to our growth or extinction."

Cait Rainey, Founder of Conscious Nona 

Intentional COmmunity

Inspiring a deeper level of intention and connection to create a coherent community of heart centered beings that live with intention, purpose and passion.


Longevity FOCUSED

Live long & well together. A community dedicated to helping you cultivate a  

relationship with your infinite human potential and discover what you need to live a long and fruitful life.

Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual integration is HERE. Sacred spaces, meditation & prayer, ceremonies, and rituals are held to expand your conscious awareness and dive deep into the union of who you really are.


the Future

We have the capacity to create the world we desire and actively participate in igniting a global shift in consciousness. When we align as one, peace on earth is possible.





Weekly Organic Market Bags-

Unfortunately, our partnered farmers are still recovering from the hurricane and have little produce to work with. We have decided to PAUSE on the market bag and reassess in the new year. Sourcing from other US organic distributors also is no longer an option as prices have skyrocketed. We are pivoting and will find a different way to bring farm to table in LAKE NONA.
Thank you for your support and


Upcoming Events

  • Sound & Ceremony
    Sat, Jun 17
    Cait's Home
    A vibrational meditative experience designed to bring you closer to community, feel more connected to oneself, and amplify heart centered energy into your spiritual journey.
  • Sunset Walk with Terry & Community
    Fri, Jun 23
    Laureate Park Trailhead (Adventure Park)
    Join us in Community as we practice walking well together!
  • Community Potluck & Presentation
    Mon, Jun 26
    Join us at LNPC Community Hub for our Monthly Community Dinner & Local Spotlight! This month we will learn from Holistic Dentist Dr.Cuprill. He will be educating us on Biological Dentistry and sharing how his holistic practice is transformative to modern day human health.
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What Community is Saying..

Sarah, Lake Nona

It's been an empowering journey watching community of all ages come together to experience listen, participate and digest a more evolved approach to life. I have attended multiple workshops and discussions and can't share enough how impactful they have been on me. I can't wait to see how the mission and vision will continue to grow. 

I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time, and it's been so good to gather intentionally with like minds. I get excited when I think about actively participating to create a brighter future together! Conscious Nona and Community Collectives on a global scale is KEY to bridging a gap in how we make a smooth shift.

I am very passionate about becoming more conscious in all areas of my life- and I can't believe I have found my people! Loving all of the events, content and ideas so far. It is very clear that what has been normalized is no longer working.  Empowering community to come together to bring change and enlightenment is brilliant and necessary. 

Victoria, Lake Nona, 

Michael, Lake Nona

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